SAKIT !!!!!!
hello, all my dear reader ! :) i hope u all have a nice day. sorry for long time not posting =='' 죄송합니다 !! last week i had a hard time with my stady, i'm so tension , my homework is tell like a gunung kinabalu, i don't know what should i do with it ! i think my holiday is fill with stadying n doing homework ><'' huhuhu .... after hading holiday i will go on with exam ... so ! no time play2 lor !

today i have a debate lesson,but i just had a fever ! i feel my body so pain n cold . SO SIHT !! i hate it so much ... one long day just lying at the bed, eating food that tastes bitter and equipment , don't forget eating medicine !~!~!~!~!~!~!~! ..... i felt so painful. :(  and now i feel a little bit better, thks god that give me back my health .... AMEN ! 

i crossword that all of u know that a sunami had land at jepan in 12th march 2011 !!! earthquake 8.9 !!! in my heart is saying what a pity to this country !! i have dream that i can fly to there and have fun cos jepan is a country that rich with the tenologi n anther many thing for example the place, food, n culture is so wonderful ! i think that jepan is a nice place to go so i promise to myself i must go there !! amen ,, hihik . now , what can i go now is just pray n pray (non stop) pray for those who lose their love one , pray so that no more cos life n no more pain ,,,, AMEN ! 

and now i'm hearing radio n posting this blog ! 

i think i have out of idea what i want to write , so i guess i was at the end of the title !!!

so , see u at next post ! bye n take care .... :) may god bless us ! 

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